Hidden Cloud Ninja

     Hi, I'm Rina (PuppyPotty) and I absolutely LOVE Naruto. I stopped watching the anime after Naruto ended, but I play the Naruto Shippuden games and I absolutely love them. Their games and series all together is very well put together and thought out. The characters grow on you. My favorite village is the village hidden in the clouds, I love their logo and the Raikage is a bad ass. 
                I also visited a Naruto Rp Sim and found this giant gate that I had to take a picture of! it reminded me of Sakura and Chiho vs Sasori! This summer so far has been ok but I hope that is gets better! I can tell as of now that it's going to fly by.
Skin:.The Sugar Garden.:Baby A.Tone
Eyes:Banpaia Creations:.:SB:. Naruto Changing Eyes Collection [W/HUD]
Boobies:Lolas: Tango Delicq
Butt:ULuckie: Ghetto Booty
Hands:Slink: Female hands (Elegant)
Hair:[LCKY]:Harime (Disaster Pack)

Make Up
Blush:.The Sugar Garden.:Anime Blush [Group Gift]
Lips:.The Sugar Garden.: Dolly Lips - Bitten [Group Gift]
Lashes: Candy Mountain: Prim Eyelashes Falsies

Shoes:~DarkestMind~: Anbu Shoes

Ninja Band:[KK]:Naruto Headband ALL in One
Shoulder spikes:[ADN]:Sabotage
Upper Arm Straps:[ADN]:Sabotage
Wrist Cuff and Leg Straps:[ADN]:Dark Princess
Horns:{Amai}:Demon's Halo Drip
Crown:{Amai}: De-Lighted Crown (Comes with Animated Crown)
Wings: [Ryuuzake Lane]: DarkStalkers Wings
Tail:[SZARHA]:Demon Tail

The props used were all made by Banpaia Creations for FREE

props to this Naruto Rp Sim for making this beautiful piece of scenery

This Video Inspired me to make a Naruto Themed Outfit



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